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Russian Talk pdf books
Title:Russian Talk
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Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation During Perestroika

Russian Talk Culture and Conversation During Perestroika

Soulful theatrical intense Russian talk is notably full of existential musing and dark passion However despite the widespread appreciation of Russian talk no one has analyzed it as a form of cultural performance As one of the first Western ethnographers to undertake fieldwork in Moscow Nancy Ries did just that In this pioneering study she shows how everyday conversation shapes Russian identity and culture Dire stories about poverty hardship and social decay recited constantly during perestroika served to fabricate a common worldview conveying a sense of shared experience and destiny and casting Russian society as an inescapable realm of absurdity and suffering Ries agues that while these narratives aptly depicted the chaotic events of the time they also comprised a kind of contemporary folklore generic in their lamenting portentous tones and their culturally poignant details The story of a grandmother who stands in line all day in order to bring home a precious kilo of sugar becomes a parable of feminine self sacrifice and endurance Sardonic narratives about frustrated communal apartment dwellers pouring hot pepper in their neighbor s soup pot challenge the myth of camaraderie and express the proverbial notion that revenge is sweeter for Russians than reconciliation This insightful ethnography suggests the enormous power that ordinary talk has in any society to shape social and political attitudes and to produce distinctive cultural patterns

The New European Cinema: Redrawing the Map

The New European Cinema Redrawing the Map

i New European Cinema i offers a compelling response to the changing cultural shapes of Europe charting political aesthetic and historical developments through innovative readings of some of the most popular and influential European films of the s Made around the time of the revolutions of but set in post World War II Europe these films grapple with the reunification of Germany the disintegration of the Balkans and a growing sense of historical loss and disenchantment felt across the continent They represent a period in which national borders became blurred and the events of the mid twentieth century began to be reinterpreted from a multinational European perspective br br Featuring in depth case studies of films from Italy Germany eastern Europe and Scandinavia Rosalind Galt reassesses the role that nostalgia melodrama and spectacle play in staging history She analyzes Giuseppe Tornatore s i Cinema Paradiso i Michael Radford s i Il Postino i Gabriele Salvatores s i Mediterraneo i Emir Kusturica s i Underground i and Lars von Trier s i Zentropa i and contrasts them with films of the immediate postwar era including the neorealist films of Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica socialist realist cinema in Yugoslavia Billy Wilder s i A Foreign Affair i and Carol Reed s i The Third Man i Going beyond the conventional focus on national cinemas and heritage Galt s transnational approach provides an account of how post Berlin Wall European cinema inventively rethought the identities ideologies image and popular memory of the continent By connecting these films to political and philosophical debates on the future of Europe as well as to contemporary critical and cultural theories Galt redraws the map of European cinema

The Wars

The Wars

Robert Ross a sensitive nineteen year old Canadian officer went to war The War to End All Wars He found himself in the nightmare world of trench warfare of mud and smoke of chlorine gas and rotting corpses In this world gone mad Robert Ross performed a last desperate act to declare his commitment to life in the midst of death br br br

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As one of the first Western ethnographers working in Moscow Nancy Ries became convinced that talk is one crucial way in which Russian identity is constructed and reproduced Listening to the grim stories people used to characterize their lives during perestroika and encountering the florid pessimism with which Muscovites described the unraveling of Soviet governance Ries realized that these dire tales played a crucial role in fabricating a sense of shared experience and destiny While many of the narratives aptly depicted the chaotic social and political events they also promoted key images of Russianness and presented Russian society as an inescapable realm of injustice absurdity and suffering At the height of perestroika in the early s Moscow residents commonly used the phrase complete ruin to refer to the disintegration of Russian society encompassing in that phrase the escalation of crime the disappearance of goods from stores the fall of production ecological catastrophes ethnic violence in the Caucasus the degradation of the arts and the flood of pornography Ries argues that such stories became a genre of folklore consistent in their lamenting portentous tone and their dramatic culturally poignant details Russian Talk books by Nancy Ries

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